28 September 2006

Hello from London! Welcome on my platform!

Amazingly, I finally managed to retrieve my username. It was actually very simple...
However, I don't have internet access at home yet, so I have to go to one of our two campii to use the IT rooms!

I intended to start with a quote from Bronislaw Malinowski, the grandfather of Social Anthropology, who said that when you do fieldwork in a different society, you should write down all the new experiences at once, as they will lose their novelty once you stay there for a while!

So this is what I am going to do. I missed out on that during my first few days (the most important!) so I will make up for that during this week (at least I will try).

Just a few experiences I'd like to drop now (I've got a departmental induction meeting coming up in 15 minutes):

  • Austrian universities, or at least the University of Vienna, are (as my niece Romana who now does her PhD in the US) are "third world" compared to universities in the US or in my case the UK (or at least SOAS). Everything is high tech, well-organized and the university offers services that are astonishing to an Austrian student (to me, that is).

  • It is much easier to socialise here (also off-campus) than in Austria. Back home, you usually don't get into conversation with your fellow students.

  • The student to teacher ratio is, I believe 8:1, on average - heaven compared to 400:1 in Vienna!

I'll leave it here for the moment. Perhaps there's time later in the evening to elaborate on this!

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Kat said...

Well yeah, UK universities (especially such top unis as ours) are so well-equipped that I really don't wanna go back. Btw, I was in the Edinburgh Uni library today and I fell in love with that place. It's simply amazing!
Love, Kaye