31 October 2006

British Library

Today is a very memorable day: I joined the British Library! 30 million books and even more other items at my disposal - for free! I'm not even member of the Austrian National Library (not even been there), that stores "only" 3,4 million books.

Three brief facts about the BL:
1) It is one of the six legal deposit libraries in the UK that receive one copy of each book published in the country (the others are Oxford, Cambridge, Wales, Scotland and Dublin).

2) The items are stored on 625 km of shelves and 12 km are added each year.

3) The building is the largest in the UK constructed in the 20th century.

3 courageous comments!:

natascha said...

ok, you made me really jealous, for one moment.
i mean i'm member of the austrian national library (that i like pretty much), and i won't even read 0,01 % of the books kept there, so i probably wouldn't take advantage of having even more books available to read.
but i think it's pretty cool anyway.

Kat said...

Oooh *isjealous*... me wants that too! So you did pay the 200 pounds or how did you circumvent the horrendous fees?

Heidi Jahn said...

Hehe, wish you had my reader's pass, right? *evil grin* I will probably not be able to read all the books even if I lived 500 years, I just added the number for the general effect. ;) The qualitative selection of books and periodicals is what actually makes it resourceful for me.

Concerning costs: The use of the books within the reading rooms is free. It is usually not possible for individuals to take books out on loan. The 200 GBP thing was a borrough library. By the way, I looked up the costs for the use of the Austrian National Library: It's 10 € for a year and 1,50 € if you just use it for a day.