13 October 2006

Clubs & Societies Fair

I would like to point another interesting thing that they have at UK universities:
On Saturday, 30 september 2006 the Clubs & Societies Fair (Fayre?) organised by the SOAS union:
Every club or society would have their own stall where they represent themselves (the Mountaineers in their harnesses, the Anime Society in a kimono, the Liberal Democrats with their ribbons), offer freebies (that's where I got my mug from) or try to indoctrinate you (reminescing a dialogue with a guy from the Socialists' Society; Stacia signed up just for fun but now can't get rid of their spam). There was another one from the ULU (for all students from University of London colleges).

I signed up for:
  • Human Rights in the Philippines
  • Model United Nations (simulation of conferences and assemblies)
  • Belly Dancing (making the most of my perfect prerequisite!)
  • Volleyball (at ULU)

I've only been to the Volleyball so far, simply because those were the only ones that had contacted me yet. Also, I don't think that you have to be active all the time in any of your clubs & societies. The volleyball club will probably require regular attendance.

Funny bits:
  • A person being transported on a stretcher with a ruff around the neck. I thought someone had fainted (lots and lots of people in tiniest rooms) but it was just the First Aid society or whatever they call themselves.
  • LUST - no, not what you think! LUST stands for the London University Swimming Team!
  • A man meditating with closed eyes in the middle of the all the noise (Sri Chaitanta Saraswata Society, I believe)

To get the idea of what different kinds of clubs & societies are offered at SOAS, have a look at our student union's website!

If anyone should be interested in how a course cover sheet / reading list look like, contact me (they are on the intranet so I won't post them here)!

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