16 October 2006

Don't be shy, you're on air!

Britain is obsessed with CCTV! Whether you're stepping undignified on a pile of dog shit on the pavement, or snogging passionately with your partner in a cafe or dragging yourself semi-consciously to your lecture: rest assured that someone is always watching your every move! There are living areas where there is AT LEAST one camera attached to every building. It is estimated that there is one camera for every 14th resident in the UK. I conclude that it's virtually impossible to disappear in the UK.

On the one hand CCTV suggerates safety (even if it won't prevent a crime being commited), on the other hand though, I feel concerned about the greater dimensions of this phenomenon.

I wanted to take a picture while in the tube station but was afraid that the police will appear out of thin air, confiscate my camera and interrogate me to find out if I am involved in any terroristic activities. That's also the reason why it took me so long to take the picture you now see.

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