29 October 2006

Follow me... to Portobello Road!

This video is supposed to give you an impression of Portobello Road on a Saturday afternoon. For anyone who doesn't know it: The shops mainly specialise on antiques but it's also a place to get creative accessories (like Octopus), cheap clothes or unusual jewellry (mother of pearl earrings in different colours, jigsaw-puzzle earrings or jewellry made of cutlery). On weekends, there are also lots of stalls that line up along the road.
I'm not really satisfied with this video clip. I'll try to improve resolution and light next time and pick a better vantage point.

The "Follow Me!" thing is a series that I plan where I record special places or events in London in order to give you the feeling to be part of my adventure. The title is inspired by the Follow Me, um, event that I witnessed once in the inner city of Vienna where someone walks around with a "Follow Me!" sign without any apparent reason and passers-by just join up, for no apparent reason either. Weird.

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