06 October 2006

Live your life, love your home

The IKEA slogan above fits perfectly for the subject I am going to post on today: My flat!

These are some impressions of my humble abode:

Left, my room: There are restrictors on the window which is why it doesn't open much more than that. Below is a bookshelf and on the right (outside of the picture) is my wardrobe.

Right, my bathroom: It looks disgusting but you get used to it. Cleaning it yourself again, helps.

Pictures of our kitchen will follow. The whole flat (a room is a unit within a cluster flat) has one mail box. If anyone wants to send parcels, please go ahead, as they will be kept at the reception for pick up!

Since I will mention my flatmates sooner or later, I will introduce you to them shortly, so you know who's who:
  1. Sam
    is from New Jersey/New York City, is vegetarian and studies Chinese.

  2. Stacia
    is from New Mexico/California, is vegetarian too and collects weird independent movies.
    She did Japanese Art and Literature and now studies Zulu and Sanskrit, I believe (@Stacia: Hit me if you don't!). Being JYA (Junior Year Abroad) student makes things difficult because they can choose any lecture that they like from any courses offered.

  3. Silvia
    is from Bavaria, studies South East Asian Studies etc. in Passau and speaks Indonesian and Chinese. We are desperately in search for rye bread, so if anyone has any knowledge of where we can get by it, please tell us!

  4. Chris
    is an endangered minority, being the only student from Britain. He joined the Ale Society.
    I don't want to produce any misconceptions and stereotypes but that's what he did! (Sorry, Chris!) He's quite a charming guy, as he tries to convince other people who he wants to borrow books (for uni) from. Ah yes, I almost forgot *g*, he's a Historian.

  5. Jia-Jia
    is "the phantom" because we hardly ever see her. She's from Shanghai and on a foundation course. She wants to do Economics, I think.

  6. Emma
    comes from Texas but studied in Massachusetts and studies Politics. That will make three people from the US that are vegetarian, so please no prejudices!

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