20 October 2006


Yesterday saw my very first film preview! Ben (PG Taiwanese Studies student) was approached on campus and invited to watch "The Fountain", the new movie by "Pi"-director Darren Aronofsky. They said, he could bring someone else along (as long as they are aged 16-39) and all we'd have to do was to fill out questionnaires at the end of the screening. Later, that is, after we had handed them in, some people were asked if they wanted to stay for ten minutes to give a personal feedback (we did and got a 5 £ UCI-voucher in return).

The movie itself is a very intense, surrealist reflection on the circle of life, death, love and time, conveyed through a married couple, very well played by Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz and taking place across multiple layers of time (Beneath the question "How would you describe the movie to your friends?" on the questionnaire were two tiny lines).
Although there were some scenes that reminded you of other movies you've seen and the beginning was objectionable from an anthropological perspective (it was!), I would absolutely recommend the film, especially for the way (the lack) of sound/music is used in some scenes and what I call "onomatocinematography", that is the way that the set was designed and the scene shot (Natascha, the expert, suggests the term "photographic composition").

I really wonder, if and how much the movie will have been altered when they finally release it. So if anyone of you watches it, please get back to me!

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natascha said...

"onomatocinematography" is such a cool neologism. this is actually gonna keep me smiling the rest of the day.