02 October 2006

Rain, Classes & Elections

Since it’s raining outside and my umbrella is somewhere between Vienna and London, I thought this would be a good opportunity to keep dry in the IT room…

I have just had my first three lessons: Theory in Anthropology (50 people), Ethnography of South-East Asia (=SEA; 6 people), Government and Politics of SEA (50 people).
In the UK, you have to submit your timetable by the end of the first week of teaching which means that you only have this one week to try out several classes. You actually have to register for the courses (lectures) you take.
Lessons here last usually one hour, sometimes two. As a result, the “academic quarter of an hour” is reduced to five minutes at the beginning and at the end of the class.
At the moment, I consider taking Indonesian classes but I think that by Friday I will change my mind to courses that are dearer to my personal field of interest (SEA & migration).
At SOAS, a wide range of exotic languages are offered, ranging from Amharic over Yoruba to Zulu. They might offer for lessons for non-students as well, if anyone should be interested

What else? I went to the embassy yesterday to vote for the elections. It’s on the other end of London (south of Hyde Park) and already is three bus stops into Zone 2! Today I was given a Financial Times for free at uni and they had a half page coverage about the elections!
Apparently, it will be a close race between the OEVP and SPOE.

While at the embassy, there was a man who wanted to vote but apparently had difficulties with the voting system (he had no Wahlkarte or didn’t know that he had to apply for one) but also with German (but he had an Austrian passport), his friend who just accompanied him translated from German into their native language. What surprised me was that the woman from the embassy, although seeing that the man in front of her obviously had difficulties with German, did not switch into English which I found very mean. I tried to translate but he left later because they couldn’t find his Wahlkarte.
Why I mention this? Because he was black.

2 courageous comments!:

Anonymous said...

hallo heidi.hello!!!! mei is das schön von dir zu lesen, was du so machst. do i have to write in english?oh nouuu!that`s really oarg wasd erzählt hast von dem mann der auch wählen wollte.
sonst gehts dir gut?
was du von der uni erzählst klingt sehr spannend!
wie kommst du im daily life zurecht?
bist du eh nicht am verhungern because of the british kitchen?
schick dir viele bussis und umarmungen***marguie

Heidi Jahn said...

You could write in (how do you say Kauderwelsch in English)! Gives you a distinctive style ;)
I recognized you immediately, even if you posted anonymously (if you click "other" on the comments page, you can enter your name without having to be a member)!
See the e-mail I have just sent you.
I will write mainly in English to make my blog posts readable for everyone. Don't worry about the cuisine, I live in a self-catered hall, means I can start cooking as soon as I get hold of a kitchen knife!
More struggles or conundrums that I am met with in my everyday life soon on my blog!