24 October 2006

The Thistle and the Rose united in London!

Okay, maybe a cheesy title for this post. The thistle is Scotland's national flower, just as the rose represents England (and the edelweiss Austria). Let's get to the meaning of this introduction to heraldics.

My dear friend Kati who I now from secondary school and now enjoys a fabulous Erasmus year at the University of Edinburgh took a 600 km journey to visit me and London (or the other way round *g* Just joking, Kati). But we're talking about London after all!

Among the most impressive locations were Portobello Road - with its dangerous Oxfam book shop and London's version of a WeltcafĂ©, looking forward to celebrate "austrianness"(© Ben) with Taschi - and the venus fly trap of all bookworms: The Picadilly Waterstone's ("Europe's largest bookshop"). Some people might think us crazy, but we did a detour from Notting Hill on our way to home to King's Cross, just to see that Waterstone's! *g*

Last but not least, we went to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre! It's a truly magnificent building, considering that the whole wood building is held together without nails or screws. During the plays which take place during the summer season, they try to keep to the historical methods as much as possible, i.e. rolling a canon ball on the drawing floor to imitate the sound of thunder.
Another interesting thing is that since in Shakespeare's days, plays used to be shown in during the day but they're now shown in the evening, they light the theatre so that it appears to be in full daylight, meaning that the actors and actresses see the audience, as opposed to a "black box" in "contemporary theatres". Must surely be frightening to some, as you see all the reactions from the audience - or the lack thereof!

You can find Kati's account of our weekend on her own blog, The Well of lost Thoughts!

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