30 November 2006

Alias Season 4 - The Bristow Clan

OK, imagine this family: Your mother is a former KGB spy who spied on her own husband who worked for the CIA. Your mother spied on your father but both are sure that they are each others' love of their lives. While you were at elementary school, your father put you through a sleeper agents training and then had you hypnotised to forget that memory. This exciting "summer camp" probably predestined you for becoming a CIA agent yourself. Still, he loves you. Your mother on the other hand, shot at you while trying to escape capture by the CIA (being a fugitive and all). She loves you, too.

Best thing is, you have to subordinate to the man who had killed all your friends, including your first fiancé and follow his orders. Interestingly, it turns out that this man has fathered your half-sister who grew up with her evil aunt (still with me? *g*) that will later almost destroy the world. This half-sister was brought to her aunt to be raised by her by the dead (or not dead?) father of your future fiancé who is also a CIA agent (family business, see) . Your father-in-law has been killed by your mother. Your half-sister lookes and acts like an angel but alas, later turns into a zombie that tries to kill her sister in the end (as predicted in a phrophesy).
Your father killed your mother (or at least that's what everyone thought, the person who got the bullet through her head was actually a clone), believing that she had set a price on the your head. When your father meets her later again (she has been kept incarcerated and tortured), she first hits him with her fist and within 24 hours, kisses him passionately.

All this only topped by a merry family trip of all these people together into a deathly zone (an electromagnetic weapon designed by someone like Leonardo da Vinci 500 years ago and rebuilt by your contemporaries) to prevent the global population from becoming homicidal zombies, one proposal in a CIA freight plane right before jumping into Russian air (parachuting is part of the family trip) and your aunt (who was responsible for all this havoc in the first place) being first tortured by your father, then shot in the head by her sister.

2 courageous comments!:

Kat said...

I was actually considering starting to watch Alias, but now I'm not so sure anymore...

Heidi Jahn said...

I preferred the seasons 1-3. Will tell you about season 5 once I have time to watch it.