09 November 2006

A break from the break that isn't a break

After reading all night through and omitting sleep, I decided to take a break and joined Laura (German UG Politics student) and Silvia on a walk alongside the Regent's Canal on this bonny autumn day. Practically, this means that I went from this:

to this:

I felt like a walking challenge and continued to Camden Market. The other two have been there already, so I went alone but shopping isn't anything you can spend a lot of time talking anyway.

The market is amazing! The stalls have all kinds of clothes, from Asian, funky, gothic and corsets to hippie style. Three things I of the things I discovered which I want to outline here:

  • Ottfried Fischer laughing on a huge photograph while lying in a hammock (superfluos to mention what the shop sold). I didn't know that he is known outside of Toelz.
  • A shop selling clocks, jewellry and lampions (those were pretty beautiful) made of computer platines (really inventive).
  • Austrian hats worn for national dress (must be cult in Britain) and a dress that looked like a dirndl adapted for a goth party.

After an extensive exercise to and around the stalls and home again (5 km in each direction!) I now feel relaxed and treat myself to a DVD that I bought at , "Closer", the story of "four strangers - their chance meetings, instant attractions and brutal betrayals".

2 courageous comments!:

natascha said...

as i told you, i rally think the play is woth reading, as well. it's one of those rare ones that work being read as well as on stage an even on screen. one of the very few really catching i read in quite some time.

Laura said...

hmm, the last time I checked I wasn't doing politics but rather a lot of economics...