14 November 2006

Edinburgh revisited

I spent the last weekend in Edinburgh where I visited Kat and her two hilarious flatmates Bart and Paul. First thing I noticed was that in Ed, it was cold as shit, as the weather forecast put it: "9°C but feels like 7°C" (due to the damp and the wind). My feet felt like two blocks of ice and my bum like concrete, that is, dead. Funnily, as I was walking over North Bridge and admiring the sight over the gorgous city, my eyes fell on a quite impressive sight: A girl walking in my direction with a spaghetti top and hot pants. Another girl that braved the elements was exposing her kidneys to serious inflammation. Ah well, perhaps the women up here are hard boiled.

Anyway, after a morning in chilling out, a time travel in the afternoon to the beginning of time (Dynamic Earth) and a hike up to the Salisbury Crags on Sunday afternoon which form part of the crate of an extinct volcano and wherefrom you get the most stunning view over Edinburgh (!!!), we retraced our "auld ways" on Sunday evening, walking up the Royal Mile, over George IV Bridge and down to Cowgate where we rediscovered the hostel we had stayed in on our first visit two years ago, the Budget Backpackers. They have repainted the building but to no avail. Memories of the disgusting bathroom and the even more disgusting toilet came up. How this made them so successful, I don't know but they now own the building opposite too and even have a professional reception with a counter, tourist information and a logo. They were one of the cheapest within the city centre, so if anyone is adventuorous enough to dare living in the lion's den while on his or her trip to Ed, please report back to me!

Interesting facts:

_ There is a 50 £ fine on cigarette litter. "Keep Edinburgh clean" Good idea but it's not as if anyone could hold any evidence against you. Ed is not as CCTV infested as London. I merely saw five cameras and these were all where you expect them to be, on bank buildings.

_ "Frustration can cause accidents", this is what you are told when you are on the motorway.

_ Eejit: Scottish for "idiot". This site offers a hilarious insight into Scottish slang!

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