02 November 2006

International Students Committee and London Film Festival

International Students Committee:
Yesterday I went to the first meeting of the International Students Committee at SOAS. Gopika (female BA Anthro & Dev Studies student from India), our International Students Officer was looking for people who wanted to help her, she being in her final year and having to write her dissertation. Four people turned up: a female egyptian LL.M student, a male czech SEA Studies student, a male south-african African Studies student and - me! After everyone had introduced themselves, we went on to [short interruption by fire alarm at 3.20 am *rolling eyes* this is the 10th or so fake fire alarm, mainly because of people that leave the kitchen door open while cooking. We've never had one at the dead of the night, though.] business and discussed things like fees (Non-EU students are charged up to 10 450 £), pre-arrival information, knowledge of the education system in the UK, cultural orientation, work experience and "fun" (*g* Gopika: "There is an International Students Day on November 17th" - Heidi: "There is?" - Gopika: "Yes, a lot of people don't know about this. Let's prepare an event at SOAS!"). We've had loads of ideas and all seem very committed. I hope this will also manifest itself in our activities, not only in our lip service.
The reason why I wanted to join the committee is that I really enjoy being an international student at SOAS and would like to contribute to and find out more about the experiences other students like me are making!

London Film Festival:
Went to "Lunacy", a movie by Jan ҆vankmajer, a surrealist czech director. Stacia had introduced me to the surprising and challenging work of "Jan", as we call him: During a boring night we had watched "Conspirators of Pleasure" at home. His movies are very intriguing, however maybe not anyone's taste! In Lunacy, Jan brings together influences from Edgar Allan Poe and the Marquis de Sade. I guess you can say, that it is quite blasphemic, in some scenes I was expecting people to stand up and rant about it - but everyone remained seated. I guess if you don't want to see it, then you don't go there. Maybe that was an irrational reaction developed through growing up in a catholic environment. In Lunacy, Jan shows two ways in handling the patients of an asylum: Either you leave them in total freedom or you set up strict rules they have to comply by. But Jan raises spans a third dimension: Lunacy in our everyday lives.

3 courageous comments!:

natascha said...

i happened to see that movie too, today. i really loved it. (you may have guessed that) trö, who was with me is still undecided whether he finds it stange but cool or stange and annoying. if i have some spare time i'll go get some of his older films. (but "time" more and more becomes one of those expressions that anyone should beep in my presence in order not to make me freak out)

natascha said...

btw: does anyone know how to pronounce "svankmajer"? i heard 3 versions tonight which makes me kinda mad, because i live in a constant fear of mispronouncing someting, anyway.
so, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Heidi Jahn said...

You did??? Wow! Where is it shown in Vienna? I think it is pronounced "Shwahnkmayer".