08 November 2006

Reading Week, Sim City & The Milk Shake Chase

SOAS students currently enjoy the "liberties" of Reading Week where no classes are held in order to let you catch up on your reading list or pick specialised books from the further readings or work on your essays - or all of that. While a lot of people might cry "Hurray!" and try to establish a new record in the Seven Day Binge Drinking Marathon, some people *ahem* actually take the Reading Week literally, albeit too arbitrarily perhaps (remembering indulging in fanfiction until 9 am in the morning last Sunday...).
Today saw me in the following situation: Heidi reading on international migration in SEA, having a stack of four other related books at the ready, as well as a bowl of delicious Gulasch Soup (Never tasted better! Thank you, Taschi!) and an issue of Cosmopolitan (for studying breaks).
I've got to write a 3000-word-essay in each single one of my subjects (that is, four). I want to do one on "SEA government policies concerning international migration" in SEA GP but will have to speak to my course convenor about this, as it is a self-formulated topic.
I found some more jewels while browsing the library (The Philippine Statistical Yearbooks! These look much more user-friendly than the webpage I had to use for my independent study project for my graduation)! I am really impressed!

About SimCity, Stacia and I created a virtual almost-equivalent (we reduced the number of residents to five to keep an overview) of the people in our flat with The Sims! *lol* So far, our kitchen caught fire twice, a person has died of shame, we've got some love triangles going on and a guy in a kilt *g*! Sounds like our very own soap!

I found this Milk Shake Chase among other interesting videos online and don't want to keep it any longer from you, enjoy!

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