25 November 2006


One: On Thursday I celebrated Thanksgiving for the first time in my life! According to Emma, the best thing about it was that it was vegan (instead of a turkey we had tofu)! So basically, they made pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, cornbread, cranberry jam and, well, tofu with vegan pesto). We were joined by Hanni (German) and Marc (plain British). After the dinner, we did arts & crafts, in our case, drawing turkeys with crayons out of the copied shape of your hand (see above, yes, those are supposed to be turkeys). Actually, this is something five-year olds do in school but who cares?

Two: Following up my desperation with the wax, I know can add my definition of tampons to the list of Unobtainable Items. First of all, the shop shelves are flooded with tampons with applicators but if you want some without, you'd have to look hard (maybe it's a Austrian and German thing, but we prefer the low-tech stuff). Paradoxically, the tampons themselves look like antiques, just compressed rough cotton without any rills.

Three: Stacia and I watched another great movie with a highly interesting topic. It is called "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind" and raises the question of [Spoilers! Highlight to read on!] if you'd rather live with a particular memory erased. I believe that I'd prefer the other way around: To have certain memories transplanted into my brain. Would be cool to hear other people's ideas about this, so if you want to contribute sth...

Four: Sim City is now going into a more advanced level. *cocks eyebrow* There are definitely some amazing free add-ons available on the net that definitely... increase the anatomic accurateness of the sims. *wide grin*

Five: Isn't usually that Europeans laugh at US-Americans's lack of geographic knowledge ("Austria? Oh yeah, I've got a gran down-under!" - "Austria? I thought that was a part of Germany!" or simply putting Germans and Austrians "in the same pot, which is actually bordering on an insult) ? So, while looking for a quiz that lets me check my SEA knowledge, I came across one that asks you to drag the name of the US-States on the right place on the map (Heidi: "It's so difficult because your states look all the same on a map" - Sam: "I know, they are all boxes but they are all different boxes!"). In the next level you are to choose the right capitals of the respective US-States (Stacia: "The weirdest thing is that the capital of a state isn't necessarily the biggest city."). I consider my geographic knowledge quite well (when not asked about West Africa or Russia) but I completely sucked at this! Check it out!

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