27 November 2006

A very productive weekend

I am so proud of me.

_ I finished transcribing the 1.10h interview for my seminar in qualitative research methods in Vienna. For the lays among you, one hour of interview takes approximately eight hours to transcribe. I now have 30 pages of material. I think it took me twice as long as that overall. I added the pictures and only have to print it tomorrow at Russell and send it via express mail.

_ Finished my Ethno SEA reading on the extent of syncretism of Theravada Buddhism in Burma.

_ Finished my Dev reading on the rural and urban divide and peasant agriculture, and answered the questions to that.

_ Helped a friend and payed a debt by writing an essay.

_ Helped another friend by beta-reading an essay. We decided to establish an essay checking partnership.

_ Tomorrow I will go to the library for my f* essay and print the lecture power points from last week.

So as you see, I have loads to do. Won't be able to update until Tuesday, perhaps.

2 courageous comments!:

Kat said...

"Essay checking partnership" - I love the expression *g*. Good luck on all your to-do stuff. Me, I will dive into revision once again tomorrow and try to memorize abstruse things - oh joy.

Heidi Jahn said...

hehe But your "they prefer gender-agreement to number-accord" is insurmountable! :)

I just wanted to add that I had prepared everything for univie but now, while in the IT room at SOAS, I realised that I had saved an old copy of the transcript with only 11 (out of 30) pages!!! Oh no!!!