13 December 2006

Essays, SOAS Libe, Mor Karbasi

After weeks of procastrination, psychosomatic stress symptoms and depression, I have finally finished and handed in my essay for SEA GP. Thanks to Silvia who organised my chaos of amassed information and ideas about the "Impact of Colonialism on philippine nation-building"!!!

After the first obstacle, I am now working merrily on my two anthro essays. While I was searching in the library for relevant literature I stumbled upon such interesting titles as, "The curse - a cultural history of menstruation" (a chapter was called "Sorry hon, not today!"), "Border Fetishisms", "The body's perilious pleasures", "The red lamp of incest", "Colonialism and homosexuality" and "Conceptualising heterosexuality", right opposite Thomas Hobbes' "Leviathan" and Alexis de Tocqueville. *sigh* I wish had more time to get out more of the privilege to use this library! There are so many diverse topics! As Kostas said, explaining why he never gives out study packs for Ethno SEA, "You never know what can happen if you go to the library yourself!". How right he is!

Last, but really not least, Silvia, Eva and I went to a free concert by Mor Karbasi at SOAS. The announcement on the SOAS website read:

"Mor Karbasi is a Ladino singer and song writer, mixing a variety of cultures, colours, sounds and languages into her music. Her songs are like a journey through her Moroccan-Jewish roots, with influences of Arabic, Hebrew, Jewish an Andalucian music. Both traditional and modern at the same time, her songs are sincere, heartfelt and touching."

This woman's voice is A WAHNSINN (absolutely breath-taking)!!! Great music. I haven't heard anything so enchanting in a very long time! She was accompanied by a percussionist and a guitarist. Mor herself has an enviable mastery of her voice, also I have never heard anyone singing a tremolo before! Unfortunately, she doesn't have a proper webpage but if you want to learn more about her, have a look at her myspace site (videos clips!).

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