18 December 2006

Follow me... to Covent Garden!

After many (too many) weeks of reading, essay writing and seclusion in my room, I took the day "off" and declared my personal OC-Day (Oyster Card Day), means that I will try to use my Oyster as a day ticket (after a certain limit, it will stop charging you more on that day) and therefore have the freedom to travel around where I like.

First Stop: Covent Garden - bustling with people as ever! No punch but lots of interesting stalls where I bought someone a present, hehe ;) Part of the reason I went there is because it is one of the most vibrant areas in London (the area - "Viertel" around the market proper is named after it) and has its own very relaxing and at the same time elating atmosphere that I tried to capture for you with my camera!

There are a lot of cool shops around, for example, Stanford's, THE place to go when you are looking for a map - any kind of map - on any region. They even have a whole shelf just for Austria and sell maps for the respective regions in the Alps (I was impressed by the selection). I bought a SEA wall map and it is a very good one, too!

Also, I saw a shop that made me think of Taschi, as it sells a cool variety of stockings and thighs in funky designs! Right opposite the Tea House where Stacia and I once picked from a selection of over 100 flavours is a tiny fair trade "café" (it is a vitrine with two chairs on the street) where I'd love to drag Taschi to (who will cross the Channel in about a week!)!

Next stop was Shaftesbury Avenue, where I popped into a vinotheque and asked, out of interest, if they sell any Austrian wines. Turns out that from the 400 or so varieties, there was ONE Grüner Veltliner from Loif-sth! I have already noticed that supermarkets fly their wines all the way from Australia, South-Africa and California instead of what grows right in front of their door. I know I am not a connoisseuse but still!

Katha and Kati will probably remember my business idea to open a book shop that specialises on fantasy, sci-fi and mangas where everyone of us specialises on one area? Guess what?! I found a shop like that, a *big* shop like that, they sell everything from collectibles over printed material to DVDs, I absolutely recomment peeping in there! It is called the Forbidden Planet.

Finally, since I haven't been in there yet and it is claimed to have one of the most extensive and valuable collections in the world, I went into the British Museum and straight for the SEA section, only, it wasn't where it was labelled to be. I asked three employees, two sent me to the current "Power and Taboo" exhibit (which is absolutely rubbish because Oceania doesn't even belong to the region) which I found quite interesting, considering that I have done a course on that at univie (it is a good feeling if you actually know about the stuff that is on display - or not - I wondered why they didn't have a kava bowl) but unfortunately, the ethnological museum in Vienna (that houses a permanent collection on the region) was closed for renovation. The third member of staff just repeated what was on the map and I kept saying, "I've just been in that room. There is nothing in there from SEA." - "What do you mean when you say SEA?" GUYS!!! I finally told him that, "I am disappointed! This is the British Museum, after all!" *sigh*

So, to reward you for reading through this long post, I will simply cover the rest with the video from the stalls within Covent Garden and some pictures in the following order: 1) antique (working!) telephones sold in the stalls 2) the underground station 3) the main court in the BM 4) the Rosetta Stone everyone pilgrimages to (I bumped into it on my search but still good to remember from physics class that the reflection angle for glass is around 42,7° => no flash light coming back!). Enjoy!!!

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Kat said...

Oh, I SO envy you for living in London :). Btw, there is a Forbidden Planet on Nicolson Street in my lovely city as well, but probably much smaller than the one in London, I guess...

natascha said...

i'm soooooo much looking foooorward to see you, and london of course ;)

陌生人 said...



一位好朋友 ;-)