07 December 2006

Links and Uni Update

Just wanted to inform you that I have made a couple of changes to the permanent links. The features stay the same, I just subsituted the following sites:

- Leo instead of Pons as an online dictionary
- The Times instead of The Independent for the british press because their website is more clearly laid out
- The governmental site of London has been exchanged for the more touristy website that features loads of cool events and fun places!

Quick uni update while I am at it:
My first EVER argumentative academic essay (the English doesn't matter to me as much as the content) is giving me nightmares, literally. I haven't gone out in two weeks save for uni and the necessary shopping! I consider attending the procastrination workshop by the LTU, although I don't expect to hear anything that I haven't figured out myself by now. More details about the essay and essays in general are to come when it is - hopefully - finished on Friday, D-Day. *back to work*

2 courageous comments!:

Kat said...

But you have written argumentative essays before... just not in English... don't you remember Ms Stieber?

Heidi Jahn said...

I don't care about the English! This is different than writing about whether or not a smoking ban should be introduced in Austria or sth like that. Stieber essays DID take a lot of time to work on, true, but it was usually just 1,5 pages about a topic everyone has an opinion about and where no extensive reading etc. is required and to put that chaotic information into a concept that makes sense.