14 December 2006

The Sushi Incident

Heidi says: nth to eat :( i want sushi
Stacia says: I bet there is a place that delivers?
Heidi says: mmmmhhh looking at some sites
Heidi says: 5 pounds delivery if below 25 pounds!
Stacia says: just order 25 pounds of sushi :)

Heidi says: hehe i will now order this: [link to Salmon Sushi containing Chili on the menu]
Stacia says: haha, now is that level 3 or what? [A/N: explanation given below]
Heidi says: *lol* i don't know what that chili sushi is either.
Heidi says: u want anything?
Stacia says: omg that is the one from picadilly!!! that has radiation!!
Heidi says: -( are you sure
Heidi says: (besides, that was polonium) [A/N: turns out it was Thallium]
Stacia says: uh well it's from picadilly
Stacia says: maybe they can take that and market it - now with extra raditation
Stacia says: like level 1 2 3 just like domninos :) [A/N: the level of hotness at Domino's Pizza; before you order level 3, they advise you to check your health insurance first]
Heidi says: :D
Stacia says: Ok one sec let me see if I want something

Heidi says: they don't HAVE a branch at picadilly: [link to Yellow Pages with search results]
Stacia says: [link to company press link where it says:]

"[Company name], through no fault of its own, was caught up in an international incident that achieved massive coverage in the press. As expected, all of our staff have been given the 100% all clear. As far as we know, the same applies to our customers. [Company name] is now closed and we hope to open it again in early 2007. "

Stacia says: HAHA it is that restraunt!!!
Stacia says: I was kidding but I was right
Heidi says: shit!
Stacia says: omg do you still want to order from there? I guess if it's from another branch it'll be ok
Heidi says: they didn't even mention the radiation [A/N: On the press link] ;)
Heidi says: the one for islington is another one.

So much for our Skype conversation tonight. And to comment on the food, that was the weirdest sushi I have ever ordered. Chili flakes on the salmon and chive instead of sesame or nori on the makis...

Read closely:

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natascha said...

what a nice story!
what is printed on the box is kinda hard to read, you might want to post a bigger picture...

what if you order at midnight? (i bet you did) i dont exactly know "wehn dinner rush" starts. lets say people want to eat at 6pm, if they eat early. then the order at 5.30. the cooks start... maybe half an hour or an hour before that to make sushi and put it in to boxes.
and if you order at, lets say 11pm, you might get sushi they made 6-7 hrs before you eat it. now dont you wonder if it tastes weird.

Heidi Jahn said...

sry about the size of the pic. i have problems with the blogger format, so i will just present you here with the first paragraph which, given the circumstances, sounds rather cynical:

"[company name], is a new and wonderful source of HEALTHY, UNCONTAMINATED GOODNESS. bold, clean flavours, extremely low in fat."

Heidi Jahn said...

oh and btw:
the weird part of it wasn't about the fish itself, it was about the stuff they put on it!