23 January 2007

Crisp Applestrudels and Schnitzel with Noodles

Great was the surprise (but even greater the curiosity) when I spotted a special offer for strudels at Tesco's! As an Austrian in disguise, I felt challenged to buy one exemplar of woodland fruit and one of the world-renown apple strudel (not least due to appearing in the lyrics of Sound of Music, currently advertised as "London's hottest show" - did you know there was a japanese version of it?).

The results of my investigation were as expected, disappointing (see illustrations). Both strudels had been adapted to the British customer, I suppose. The puff crust in the UK version is very different from the thin phylo dough (resembles samosa dough) used in THE ORIGINAL. As a result, the dough overlaps the characteristic apple strudel content smell. More deduction of points for putting coarse crystal sugar on top (instead of powder sugar) and the absence of Semmelbrösel / Semmel bread crumbs. The ultimate sacrilege is the design as take away pie (PIE is what it comes down to) which together with the wrong dough makes it look like an oven version of McDonald's Apple Pie. *sigh*

More about Schnitzel and other culinaric explorations to come!

(From top to bottom: woodland fruit strudel, apple strudel and Apfelstrudel how it is supposed to be)

3 courageous comments!:

Kat said...

Well, this really looks disappointing... When are you visiting Austria again?

egyptian_lady said...

hey heidi schatzi;)!how r u doin over there?I really wanted to post u something but everytime I want to do that I don't know what to write(like now lol).
u're doin great work on ur blog.I like it veeeery much;)!Iam happy to see that u've found nice people there to "hang" around with :).
hope to hear from u sooooon!!
ps.: Vienna is missing u!

Heidi Jahn said...

I wonder myself when I will set foot again on Austria's soil. I will try the Austrian Delicatessen shop in London in the meantime.

hey! thanks for commenting, yay! doesn't matter what you write, it makes me happy to know people are thinking of me over there!
I am missing Vienna & the people there...