19 January 2007

Essays & Retrospective

I finally submitted my last essay and feel as if a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I have been under unimaginable and unindurable stress these past weeks! Feeling guilty whenever you are NOT working on your essay and feeling constantly under pressure from when you get up to when you collapse on your bed is not very nice. I needed tons of coffee which made me all giddy, otherwise I would have dozed off while working due to my low energy level the past weeks (needed more than 12 hours of sleep a day).
But now I actually feel like writing the next ones for this new term! However, I am going to take a break this weekend, relax, treat myself...

So far, I have chosen the following briefly summarised topics, just for your information and my log for the future:

Theory in Anthro: Manchester School: What are the features?
Ethno SEA: Gender & Globalisation: Female OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) on the global labour market.
SEA GP: Colonialism: The impact of colonialism on the Philippines.
Theory & Evidence in contemporary Development: Poverty research agenda: Poverty measurement and who generates knowledge.

So, now that I have a bit more leisure to do so, I thought a bit about my expectations of coming to SOAS and if they have been met. For anyone who does not know, I came to SOAS

(1) because it has been my dream to spend some time abroad in general and some time abroad in the UK in particular (I didn't get to do the high school year, so I am redressing that now!). Living in another country is exciting. There is sth new to discover everyday. Also, mulitcultural society in the UK and students with highly diverse backgrounds make me think more about my ethnicity and identity.
(2) because I wanted to specialise in SEA which doesn't exist as a course in Vienna and as a consequence lacks relevant material and resources. Also, Anthro is not as marginalised as in Vienna but actually taken very seriously. I really enjoy my Ethno SEA class, it covers really intersting topics, conceptions, perceptions, identities...
(3) because this place like no other promotes and lives intercultural discourse and offers such cool languages...!

The formalised schedule system over here was expected and desired, however, the work load hit me like a ton of bricks. Reading, constant reading! But on the other hand, you get to discuss ideas and theories which deepens your understanding and your confidence in applying your knowledge. Also, since every SOAS student has a JSTOR account, it is easy to access articles and expand the knowledge by the way. I haven't quite found my rhythm yet, as to how to organise time efficiently. I feel exhausted, pushed to my limits in every dimension. A few private issues can completely throw you off track. And this whole cocktail is not very healthy. Been eating a lot of junk, sleeping in irregular patterns, slouching in front of the PC all day & night, not much fresh air, constant erratic pulse and anxiety... Good then, that Monday sees the beginning of Wellbeing Week, an annual event at SOAS I will write more about afterwards!
Last but not least, I wished for a change in life, a new chance. I just hope (and work so) that I don't fuck it up!

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