13 January 2007

Uni Update

After the winter break, uni has us back. Essays, readings and a presentation are taking up my time, so please be patient with the next post that is probably going to be provided by Natascha.
Meanwhile, check out the new actual links that I have added!

3 courageous comments!:

natascha said...

ad breakfast tattoo: i'm a pretty conservtive person, and might end up working with an insurance company part time, or raising a couple of kids full time, and even so i wouldn't really mind having my head tattooed with a sunny side up, cause hy hair would cover it anyway.
but then again, i might also have a better job were i can have (partially or fully) hair of head.
what i mean: if you are sure you want to have hair on your scalp for the rest of your life (and i do know a bunch of people who claim so) you shouldnt really mind a scalp tattoo. (apart from you dont have scalp hair for a few weeks when you get tatooed)

Heidi Jahn said...

i guess it is the same with any kind of body adornment that is categorised as "barbaric". where to put it? What motive?

i wonder how much the artist pays...

natascha said...

yeah, kind of. but if you got a rose or whatever inked on your buttocks you might have some difficulties growing hair over it if you dont like it anymore.