24 February 2007

Follow me... to the City!

Ever since I am in the City on a regular basis due to work, I had the intention to blog about this amazing and busy place! Shiny office buildings and prestiguous headquarters of the national and international most important companies mark the CBD of the capital.
The City of London (or short the City or the Square Mile) refers to the historic core of Greater London. The perimeter was secured by the erection of a city wall by the Romans and this was basically the spot which has expanded to 600 % its original size. Another important thing to know is that the City of London is an autonomous city (with the second-to-smallest population in the UK) and has its own mayor. The City of London grew together with the City of Westminster and they formed the basis of Central London as it is today.

Pictures from top to bottom:
_ 1 City skyline (this is the only pic which I did not take myself, it is from wikipedia)
_ 2 View on the Gherkin or, more colloquially, Cucumber Building, from next to busy Liverpool Street Station. It is the most elegant skyscraper I have ever set my eyes on! The construction caused some controversy. I personally find the contrast of old buildings and modern construction stunning! A documentary has been made on Building the Gherkin. Images from the inside as well as more information can be found on its own webpage. The main tenant of the building is Swiss Re, a re-insurance company (is there a better way of advertising?).
_ 3 HQ of ABN AMRO, one of the largest banks in the Netherlands, and opposite of it on my side of the street the European Bank of Reconstruction is located. Taken from the same spot but other direction.
_ 4 These buildings actually remind me of Vienna, especially the Inner City, the effect is supported by the expensive designer clothes shops!
_ 5 Moorhouse, another cool office building.
_ 6 A traditional barber shop right opposite of it and next to London Met(ropolotian University)!
_ 7 HSBC Headquarters (actually, I am unsure if it technically is within the City because a headstone marking the perimeter of the City was at the crossing).

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