24 March 2007

alluc.org and UCLH

Guys, I should have been writing my essay but I got hooked to alluc.org, which Kat had recommended to me. A database of free movies and tv-shows but streaming only. Still, it is much faster than downloading the whole episode which takes about a week. I watched Spooks Season 4 and Season 5 for three days, I even stayed up until 6 on Thursday, went to work for 8 and got sent home anyway. Ah well. If there is anyone interested, episodes 501 and 502 (a two-part episode) are REALLY good, an unusual kind of threat to the UK. The scariest part of this is, that I KNOW a lot of these places where the events are taking place (so. dies in a bus which looks very much like the one I use quite often and there is an attack targeted near the city), I know how intimidating policemen can be and the part which makes these episodes most intriguing are the fact that as I said, the suspects are quite unusual and you start to wonder if this can really happen anywhere in the Western world.

Due to that, there is not much I have to blog about. After several weeks, I finally managed to get to the UCL hospital to have my blood drawn (since I so INSISTED on having STH done). You should know, the UCL hospital is the NHS's prestige object (it is also where Litwinenko was). I have been there twice already and there are really nice people working there, organisation is quite efficient. I thought, this is going to take ages because when I entered the reception hall, there were a LOT of people but then I was told by one of the volunteers (an elderly lady who wore a blue thing which is why I mistook her for a cleaning woman - her male counterpart had a sash across his chest like the president on the opera ball, except "I am here to help" was written on it) that the blood sample department is in a separate department. I swear, I was not even sitting there for five minutes when my number was drawn, the nurse was really funny. In the "blood" room there were around seven nurses, three -of course - yes, you guessed right, Filipinas. It's like a conveyor belt and since I was so impressed how quick everything was over, I asked the nurse how many people he tortured a day, and he said around 40-60. I asked if there was an internal competition between the nurses. He laughed and replied, "Actually, the competition is to do as few as you can."

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