16 March 2007

π-Day, Essay, ISO, Summer Accomodation

After days of hesitation and careful calculation, I have finally decided to book Dinwiddy for the summer period. The problem is, you see, that Dinwiddy offers current residents a discounted rate and priority booking over individual tourists who will occupy the rest of the rooms - on the condition that you pay the WHOLE AMOUNT ON BOOKING *sob* Since there is high demand for rooms over the summer by SOAS students, you should of course book asap. I now unproudly declare *painful expression* that by the end of April (VISA), I will be 1547 £ poorer! My overdraft and my salary should get me through (the last Dinwiddy instalment for April-June is due soon - 600 £ - and pocket money is of course also necessary to survive). Studying in London really does it to you. Even UK students on student loans seem not to have enough. It is a certainty, that while you are a student here, you will have to make use of your overdraft (unless of course, your parents have bank accounts on the Cayman Islands).

ISO-wise, I have introduced myself to Ambie René from the Welfare Office as future ISO and mowed through their leaflets to see what information is available, what issues are covered and if there is anything which is absent.

Essay-wise, I am finally getting to an end in my SEA GP essay. It cost me a lot of effort, and roughly five weeks to write that essay. It better be good! At the moment, I am taking a brake from delving into the geopolitical constellations during different periods in SEA. I am trying to answer a question that I believe we have not really discussed in class and which requires individual comparative analysis - in short, a time-consuming task. However, a good revision of country case studies in relative perspective.

On the 14th, Stacia introduced me to a world-wide holiday I have hitherto been unaware of: π-Day (American date 3/14). You usually celebrate it by eating a PIE. I suppose the mysterious phonological similarity between π and pie as well as the fact that a pie has the shape of a circle mirror the beauty of the number π. More enthusiastic people (drunk or undrunk) will do their best to recite as many decimals of π as they can and will toast to Albert Einstein whose birthday coincides with this unusual holiday!

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