12 March 2007

Hairy Matter

Today I discovered that I have grown a second grey hair since I came here (I discovered the first one on my shopping trip in Oxford Street at the end of last year, remember? I do!)!!!
I was in the WC and I to the cleaning woman who was the only other human soul in that room. She came up to the mirror, ran a hand through her hair and said, she has LOTS of grey hair (below her dye). She was in her 40s, though. I am only 21. What will I look like when I am 30? Or: How many grey hairs will I have by the time I graduate? *sigh*

3 courageous comments!:

natascha said...

you do know, that you don't have grey hair, do you? if there's a lack of pigments, the hair is white. people that seem to have grey hair have a mixture of dark and light hair.

Heidi Jahn said...

is this comment supposed to make me feel happier about this?

Anonymous said...

take zinc!

it's responsible for the pigments in your hair.