22 March 2007

HSBC - The Eighth Wonder of the World

You will never believe this! I finally hold my debit card in my trembling hands, at last!!! Of course, not without some further intervention on my part. Last week Tuesday, I went to the Russell Square HSBC branch and showed the officer my reference letter and letter of apology (a useless piece of shit where some senior manager I have never met before apologises three times and believes this will do the magic - go on living in your fairy tale world) which I received after I had complained. While Mr M. was studying these letters carefully, I was studying his name sign carefully. Surprisingly enough, a full name for a change (whenever you call the hotlines, it is ALWAYS just the first name). When you have this opportunity, you should seize it (I burned the name into my memory and wrote it down later). My introductory sentence was sth like, "Mr M., you're colleagues from other branches, to be quite frank, fucked up which is why I filed an official complaint." He promised to order a new debit card for me, however, was not sure at first whether he should enter "with chip" or "without chip" into the system (I wonder what kind of debit cards do not have one and how they work). Um, yes, he came to the right decision at last - on his own at that, for that I have to credit him. He printed out a screen shot, made a note on it and promised to call me back next Tuesday. Of course, I didn't expect him to do so. And of course, I was right in my assumption. Wednesday, still no news from him. Today, I was dismissed early due to a technical problem at Serrula (also sth you can count on) and thought I should make the best of my morning and pay our honorable Mr M. a visit. 9.30h, the bank opens and who stands before me - the very man, in the flesh. Without further ado I started, "It is YOU I want to see. You promised to call me back on Tuesday but you didn't." - "I apologise, I was not here on Tuesday. (!) Please have a seat and my colleague will sort this out for you." Mr M. obviously was the desk officer doing the reception today but he looked his colleague (who didn't have a clue what this was all about) over the shoulder every now and then. "It should be here already", one of them said. I replied, "It better be. Otherwise your branch will have a big problem." Luckily for them, it was there, in a sealed envelope. They already wanted to dismiss me but - haha! - I insisted on opening the envelope to "make sure this was a real debit card. You never know with HSBC. In the end, there is sth else in it." I examined it. I turned it around. It looks fine. "After five months, I finally have my debit card, at last. I can't believe it", in a deadly sort of voice. They caught my dissatisfaction with their service. I can only hope this will help them not to forget to send me my pin code. To be honest, I doubt that I'd be as lucky as experience another wonder of the world. While I was looking at the details on the card, I pointed out warningly that "I'd transfer my account to another bank, if it wasn't so much trouble." God help them, if they fuck up again. I will write to London Student Paper (I have contact details of our ULU editor), I will also get in touch with consumer protection organisations and have a look at the Office of Fair Trading website. I'd also like to find out if there is sth like a market research on the financial sector which supports my view. The UK financial ombudsman might give me an answer as to why I get charged for transactions within the European Union. Furthermore, I will advise freshers this autumn to not go to HSBC if they want to see their debit card in this life. HSBC meddled with the wrong person here. I will not let them get away with this without repercussions.

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kat said...

Poor you, HSBC sound like, 'der letzte Dreck'. Yes, give the hell! :)

Ronalee said...

Well said.