18 March 2007

One Day After The Other

Happy Red Nose Day, Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Mother's Day!

Red Nose Day was really fun (at least for those people that did not have to turn in an essay, of course *g*)! We had a Sumo Wrestling - you know, where you skinny stick don one of those Sumo Costumes and try to knock down your equally nouveau corpulent opponent! Really hilarious just to watch! Unfortunately, I was on my way to the Faculty Office, else I would have used my headstart at full advantage! Ah, I realise I am turning into one of these people which save things for "next year"or "next week"... Since I want my mum to go to a graduation ceremony rather than a funeral and since I also want to enjoy my life and my time here in London (oh yes, and I will stick to my New Year's resolution to discover at least one new spot a week), I am determined to shift gear!

Anyway, so since this Saturday was St. Patrick's Day, there was a whole festival week of events throughout London: concerts by Irish musicians, a parade, Irish film etc. Unfortunately, I only found out about this when it was too late. So: next year, then! (Yeah, I know) Also, loads of shamrocks, people wearing funny green hats and - of course - loads of drunk people. I guess St. Patrick's Day is one of the few days in 365 where folks actually have the blessing to get pissed (not that anyone in the UK or Ireland would care anyway).

Concerning Mother's Day, well, I don't know what to give my mum. On this time of the year, flowers and flower shops suddenly grow sprouts and since it is quite difficult to get past this thicket without looking at the colourful arrangements on display, I noticed that one florist actually charges 5,50 £ for one single sunflower!!! Christ, you can already have a whole bouquet for that money in Austria! Now, you might probably be shocked and confused about whether Mother's Day is not supposed to be in May (my mother was actually surprised when I congratulated her "out of the blue" today. She probably thought I was nutters) . Let me tell you that there is no need to worry: There are only three countries where you celebrate today: Ireland, the UK and Nigeria (historically, though, it has nothing to do with mothers). My mum is now quite happy to have two days to be celebrated!

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