22 March 2007

Party Time!

Last Sunday I was at Lila's birthday party. She lives near Brent Wood, zone 3, a lovely area. Lila is a work colleague of mine who happens to be a cosmopolitan grown up in Manila, Pakistan, Germany and the UK. Her flat mate is moving out so she offered me his place. I have to say, when I got there, I was so surprised that that place can be London too: It had a suburban air and reminded me of Mödling, the city I went to school in. There were detached houses, trees and loads of lawns. It lacked the buzz and loudness of Central London, the tall buildings and the lines upon lines of shops there. Around the corner of the tube station (it is on the Picadilly Line, that is, directly connected to SOAS), there is something like a high street with loads of independent supermarkets! No Tesco! *glee* Apparently, the supermarket chains in Central London have their monopoly because everything is so expensive there that 1) independent businesses cannot afford rent and 2) customers cannot afford independent business prices. Although it is 20 minutes to SOAS, Brent Wood is really a remote place. Life quality might be better and I long for some quiet place with green areas to take a walk in. However, I am not sure if it pays off with transport, as I also don't know my schedule yet. But I long so much for a place that I can call home, where I open the door and can do whatever I like without restrictions (attach stuff to the wall, open the window as far as I want, wax my hair in the kitchen *g*, sing as loud as I want to and choose my own furniture). That would be really lovely.

About the party: It was great! Lila is a dedicated cook and prepared some delicious Pansit (the first time that I have eaten some real one since I left my family), Moussaka, trifle, Leche Flan, Chicken with Adobo, Salad. She cooked so much, that although therer were around 20 people alltogether, there was still enough left to take home! I met some very lovely people! It was especially cozy at the end, when there were only five or so left. Lila studies BSc International Relations at London Met and this is ironically reflected in her range of friends: We had people from Nigeria, the Carribean, Somalia, Northern Ireland, Britain, Sweden/Poland, France, Lila's multicountry-background and myself! It was really the coolest party I've been to in a long time, we discussed everything from Tony Blair to Africa's representation in the media to the Cold War and funnily, crying as the secret weapon of women to why animal testes are delicious and why crematories count as eating places! Everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE a good discussion, hehe!

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