08 March 2007

Rye bread, German & Cybercandy

On Tuesday, I went to Gower Street to get a doctor's notice for uni (it is not *that* strict but just in case - no-one should say later, I had no good reason to stay away from classes) because I am coughing my lungs out and get headaches from that. While I was in the waiting room, I was looking at a peculiar poster which said, "Coughs and Sneezes spread Diseases" for about an hour, wondering what little children are taught in this country while a very elegantly styled woman next to me was sneezing her germs merrily for everyone to catch, without covering her nose.

Anyway, I was lucky this time and actually got the doctor that I am supposed to have (registration card). He was really nice and actually tried to listen to me as best as he could with so many patients a day. Unfortunately, he is bound to NHS which means it didn't come as a surprise that I came out without a prescription (except of course... yes, you guessed right, to maintain a healthy lifestyle). I asked him about general check-ups and it seems as if NHS is more focused on evident sicknesses rather than more subtle symptoms and leaves it to the patients to follow a healthy lifestyle (in London surely a logistical problem, but elsewhere? Isn't it cheaper to fight diseases than treating them??). I complained about trying my best to follow a healthy lifestyle but that i find it difficult to find the black bread i am used to. Next thing he says was, "Have you tried the German Delicatessen? It's in the City." He explained to me what they offer and I said I don't think I have been there. He instantly offered, "I'll write it down for you!" And I was like "Wow!" So yeah, that is what I got instead of a prescription (well, I am sent to a blood check) but I am totally satisfied! (His daughter was doing a project at school on Germany)

After that I quickly popped into Clare's office at SOAS (SU Fin&Com officer) which is just around the corner. We completed my registration for the ISO workshop (deadline soon!) and while she was flipping through some files she asked me suddenly, "Wo kommst du her?" I was taken by surprise, turned out she went to school in Berlin for three years. I asked her when that was and she replied, "1989 - no, that was when the wall came down" (I thought, right, that's too long ago, can't be) and she continued, "around 1985" and I was like "Wow!" And with my usual tact, I added, "I don't want to say that this was even before I was born!" *lol* (She is 33)
Why does everyone in this country speak German???

It is just amazing what kind of weird stuff happens in this city.
Also, I had a job interview for Cybercandy, in Zone 3. Never been that far out. I was surprised to find a shopping centre and a cinema right next to the tube station, you would think you were in Camden somewhere. Anyway, it was the weirdest job interview I have ever had because of the questions: "So you play volleyball?" - "You are going to SOAS? X, one of our employees also goes to SOAS, also 2nd year, you know her? She is a tallish, Y-haired girl with Z eyes" (I was like, "Um... There are a lot of students at SOAS to who would fit that description") - "What are you doing in the summer? Going somewhere to study the pygmies in Australia?" (My pride was a bit hurt at the style of the question, I tried to explain that I am planning to stay in London and that we also do anthropology also study in the urban context) - "How was your time at McDonald's?" (I guess, she expected sth else not my stories of my saturday night shifts) and then suddenly "Do you have any questions about the shop?" (The first thing I came up with was fire safety, for some reason. Well everyone in London is all panicky of a second Great Fire after 1666, so it was not *that* out of the blue. I also asked other questions but maybe not what she wanted to hear because I have read most things on the website already, however, forgot to mention that, I was just too tired and felt sick). Oh yes, and somewhere in the middle we started discussing globalisation but I didn't want to go down that road, for, after all, we were here to do an interview and not discuss global development. And lastly, at the very, very end when I already thought the interview is over, she asked me, "How do you feel about being alone in the shop?" (I mean, the shop is not that big, I have handled more stressful things than that at the call centre and would sell myself below my market value and my financial needs to work for Cybercandy, just so that I have more time to read but that's not what I said) The weirdness of the whole interview made me doubt if I will accept if she decides to take me.

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