10 March 2007

SOAS Elections! - The Count

Democracy is an interesting thing. Today I observed a ballot count for the first time in my life. Since I was the only candidate present at the beginning, I accompanied the SU General Manager as well as the Returning Officer (someone from another ULU college who will oversee the election) representatively for all other candidates to the document safe of SOAS wherefrom the votes were transported to the room where it would be counted. A few volunteers then sorted the papers and two other observers showed up. The latter were not allowed to be anywhere near the table where the votes were counted. Very official and correct everything. I wondered why I was surprised at that. I guess because of my father who regarded any kind of political student activism or engagement in democracy as a not very serious thing. Amazing how this man shaped my view on quite a few things in my life.

Anyway, long story short, I AM THE NEW INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS OFFICER!!! 699 people voted for me, 104 against me but basically, all the part-time officers - who were all uncontested - got elected. Quite an honour to have this position, let's see how I will live up to it!

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