28 April 2007

24/7 Library Hours & Flashback for last week

Submitted all my essays and now try to get started on my revision.

Spent Thursday night in the SOAS library and took advantage of the 24/7 thing for the first time. You won't believe how busy it was there! Nothing like what the librarian told Rita, namely that "from my experience, we do not provide additional hours for studying but sleeping space". The library t is quite cool actually, the students are all by themselves except for the security guard downstairs. I've seen people walking around barefoot, sleeping, chatting quietly. Many studious people there but it is not dead serious. When you need a break you can just check out some Asian or African movie from the Teaching Collection.
There is a Tesco that is open 24/7 (but throughtout the year) at Russell Square, so you can buy food&drinks. At 4am it started to get very quiet and the sky was becoming lighter. People playing football at this hour outside on the campus. I went to sleep, my Dev studypack improvising a pillow stuck below my head in a secret place where I would be alone. At around 6am or so, a cleaning lady came in and apologised that she has to do some vacuum cleaning "but only very little". I was so tired, I fell asleep again before she was finished.
I got up again at 10, by that time people were studying again around me. On my way to the bathroom I caught some strange glances, I guess it must have been pretty evident that I just got up. To wash my face, I used the soap from the dispenser in the toilet and in lieu of a towel, I used the dryer (interesting sensation on the face!).

Concerning last week, I met up with Heidi from the LTU to go through the handbook draft while having a chat. She told me she studied at the P├ĄdAk in Vienna (paedagogic academy) for a while! Unfortunately, I had an essay deadline and a half-finished essay on that day so I was a bit tense and stressed. I believe my inter-personal qualities suffer when I am in stress.
Kay asked me yesterday after a month where we didn't see each other, what I did during Easter. I had troubles recalling and seemed to be quite passive all the time. My brain was just empty! I think I even failed to tell her that I went to Amsterdam...
Lila and I met up in Camden where we had some coffee before her job interview there, poor her! Always on the hunt for a job! I got lost on the tube on my way there. While I was waiting for her, some guy came up and asked me sth, it took me a while to register that he had just asked me if i had a boyfriend. I ignored him. He went away, then turned on his heel after a few steps and said (I didn't even so much ask look at him!), "You know why I ask you this? Because all th,e pretty girls I've asked usually said yes". Yeah, there must be sth wrong with his approach, then. *rolling eyes* After our brief chat where she filled me in with the details of how she got Serrula to pay her her money (the guy she talked to on the phone just hang up on her, so she had to stomp from her uni straight to them). When I went back home, I got on the wrong bus (the 214 and 274 look the same and I misread the sign on the bus) and had a nice tour through an area I've never been to before but beautiful! I saw Regents Park (some nice townhouses there), the Zoo and the London Central Mosque before I got off at Baker Street to take the tube home. Another way to get to know the city!

*sigh* Gotta go back to studying mode...

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