26 April 2007

My courses next year

Yesterday I pre-registered online for the modules I am taking next year. These are as follows:

_ Advanced Ethnographic Study
(Instead of classes, I will write a 5000-essay on a subject related to Southeast Asia)

_ Anthropology of Gender
Ever since I've overcome my Gender Studies prejudice at univie and after I found out how complementary the subject is to SEA Ethnography, I decided I HAVE to do that. I've heard it is REALLY cool, too!

_ AFRAS 1 & 2
(African & Asian Diasporas in the Contemporary World & African & Asian Diasporas in British Society)

_ Global Forced Migration Studies
My only core course this year, I've heard you have to read ~100 pages per week. But luckily about a rewarding subject.

_ Ethnic Minorities and the Law
I chose my floater from the law department this year - this is going to be fun... I wanted to do this last year already but thought it might be reasonable to practise English first before you do a law course. I was glad, now I can do it simultaneously with related subjects. The SOAS law programme is one of the top ranking institutions in law - I knew that - someone even said it even comes before Oxford - I'd have to check that. Look at the interesting topics we will discuss throughout the year: family law (forced marriages, divorces), immigration law, ethnic minorities in the UK, legal pluralism etc.

*sigh* No Indonesian/Malay/Tagalog this year unfortunately! My opinion is, you can ALWAYS study a language but I HAVE to seize the courses on offer that are unique to SOAS.

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