03 April 2007

Nothing but complaints

Finally, I am going to give you all the details of why I have enough of getting the short end of the stick and why 40 £ is never too low to upgrade from a ~12h couch journey to a low fare airplane ticket:

First, Kat and I missed our bus to Oxford. We looked around and around at every possible bus stop in Victoria Coach Station, where all major coach companies depart in London. The megabus departing to Oxford was nowhere to be found. Long story short, in the end we caught the following bus (15 minute intervals). The conductor looked me up and down as if I was some stupid secondary school girl when I explained to him that it was NOT (EXPLICITLY) STATED IN THE ONLINE BOOKING PROCESS that the route to Oxford is served by the Oxford Tube. I had printed out the booking confirmation AND there were five other people who had joined Kat and me in finding the bus stop. It is usually possible to take the next bus if you miss the one you booked for but no later one. Still, I will complain about this.

The real trouble started in the evening when Kat and I found out our coach to Amsterdam was one hour delayed. Not only that, people were fighting to get in as if it contained the holy grail or sth (I was shocked at the display of anti-gentleman-ness of some male individuals) and I ended up sitting in the row in front of Kat because my neighbour (#1) didn't want to sit with his friend (#2) who was occupying two seats for him alone on the other side of the aisle. I asked them if they didn't like each other. #1 just smirked and stayed seated. #2 didn't move his leg from the second seat. I found that so arrogant! Ah well, it was late at night and finally the coach departed for Amsterdam. It soon became apparent WHY the guys were acting so mysteriously: #2 started snoring as if he was on the Eurovision Snore Contest (I didn't even know people could snore so loudly!). The whole bus could hear him and Kat and I were of course at the centre of action, I even more so. The men in front of him put the back of their seats back as far as possible and also rustled with a newspaper over their heads so to wake him up. It helped but he would fall asleep again. In front of me sat a couple which kept chatting very loudly, a lot of people had to listen to how she enlightened her friend on the phone that Amsterdam is NOT part of the UK. Both of them kept talking for AGES on the phone and kept me from reading about name bestowal for anthropology! However, to the credit of her boyfriend, he took out his mobile phone to take pictures of Mr Snore. *lol* I have to admit, that the latter had quite a socialising effect on the people +/- three rows in front of and behind him - on both sides of the aisle. A lot of people tried to get some sleep. Everyone was tired, damn him! In Canterbury, a group of young people came into the bus, filling up the last seats on the back. One poor unknowing girl had to sit next to Mr Snore. It was only five minutes later that she discovered she had the golden seat. She turned her CD player on very loudly and sulked. When her friends were making fun of her, she - bless her - turned around and shouted across the bus so everyone heard: "SORRY BUT THIS GUY KEEPS SNORING INTO MY EAR!!!" She absolutely expressed the emotions of us sufferers! I was so annoyed, I considered reporting him for disturbance of the peace or whatever they call it over here. We had just passed Dover where police officers are stationed for customs. In the end, I took out my pyjama trousers and tied them around my ears, helped a little. Luckily, we crossed the Channel soon thereafter, one and a half hours of peaceful bliss. After we returned to the coach at 4am, Mr Snore tried to pull himself together. Finally, we were able to fall asleep even if mobile phone man left me hardly any space for my feet. His friend must have talked to him or sth on the ferry. Before, I was close to offering him to pay for two cups of coffee if only that keeps him from snoring. Although Kat was angry too at the impossibility to sleep, her opinion was that it's not his fault if he snores (due to physical conditions). I say, if I know I have that kind of condition, I fucking take a DAY COACH or a plane ticket!

Anyway, I also met a guy on the coach (Kat and Ping, I KNOW what you are going to say!) who saw my Theory in Anthropology studypack and turned out to be a German tourism researcher who had lived in Austria for several years and tried to get to some conference papers from London Met through me. Amazing where I always pick up guys.

On the coach journey back from Amsterdam, a group of immature, silly and cheerful young girls had to sit right next to us. Kat and I had already hoped for a peaceful journey as it was a day journey. No way. These girls were laughing ALL THE TIME. I wonder when they actually had the time or breath to say anything funny. No chance to continue with my TIA pageturner. Also, we nearly froze on a warm sunny day because the air condition was on and I had to ask the driver to turn it down as everyone at the back was cold.

Eurolines (which is the state-owned company) is currently conducting a customer satisfaction survey. They will get hell from me (Kat and I also didn't like that the driver had the motor running while we were still in ferry, even if the ship would unload any minute).

I also complained to post.at because my mum paid 8 € for a priority upgrade and the package arrived later than promised. Taschi complained to post.at because they messed around with my birthday present for her which in the meantime has been sent back to me.

I haven't bought ANYTHING in Oxford Street since winter sale, I haven't even shopped there ever since. When Kat and I went there this week, I "sinned" (I have a bad conscience in this expensive city if I spend on clothes) and bought a pair of earrings. Of course, they were broken and I had to exchange them for another one.

I also had my blood drawn before I left for Amsterdam and still haven't heard from Gower St about the results.

I got my Dinwiddy neighbour from the adjoining core building busted by security (Steve is now my personal hero!) because he was having a party after midnight. I have got tired of always knocking on his wall. He now received a disciplinary. Two more to go until he will be asked to quit his tenancy. I can't believe he turned the music on loud again the day after. Unfortunately, I was too tired to get up and inform sec, so I just used my ear plugs. I am sure he will give another opportunity though. There are a lot of people who would love to have his flat shortly before exam period (no time for flat hunting and 20 minutes away from the library for cheap money).

A propos library, I fixed the chaos with the book which was supposed to be reserved for me but which got lost. I got a call from the Deputy Librarian after I sent a long e-mail. I saw her and she was really helpful. It seems that in the unstaffed hours in the evenings, books have been stolen. Also, some people hide books so that they can take them out again after they expire.

It seems to be my destiny to complain! I still have HSBC which is waiting for a LOOOONG letter of complaint from me!

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