20 April 2007

Random IT Services Frustration Rant


_ They exchange old printers = copiers for new ones BEFORE EXAM PERIOD and THEY DO NOT WORK. There is currently ONE SINGLE printer (of the former brand) working in Russell Square.

_ They take down the SOAS e-mail server BEFORE EXAM PERIOD instead of the beginning of the Easter holidays for unknown reasons (they fail to communicate with the general public, partly due to the fact, that the SOAS e-mail network is down but still, no posters in advance or during maintenance or repair).

_ The desktop PCs put in place in the Main Reading Room of the library only several weeks ago have been set by default to display only special (not even all!) SOAS websites and Google. Guess which search engine the SOAS webpage and JSTOR (cross-referencing) use...

_ The front desk people from the helpdesk are unfriendly (apart from one), do not listen carefully to the problem description but rather classify you as pre-computer revolution dummy who cannot tell cable internet from wifi.

_ They never reply to the first e-mail.

_ Internet cables in the main reading room were plugged out (guess how long it takes people to find out why they can't log in) when I came in today. I went to IT. The guy did not know where the Main Reading Room was (even though I told him, IN THE LIBRARY) and that there were computers there (there is regular maintenance!) and when he finally realised there MUST BE computers in the library, he thought it was the public ones for catalogue use and tells me there is nothing to log in because they are set for OPAC only. I reminded him that the freaking PC prompted me for my log in and that it is the PCs IN THE MAIN READING ROOM (the others are outside). Useless. On top of it all: "The library doesn't have anything to do with us" (!!!) There must have been something lost in communication! I thanked him and said, I would try something else. I go to the Library Enquiry Desk and the Librarian actually was the one who knew I had to plug in the cable when I repeated the error message to her! *shaking head*

I don't know what these people do or who monitors their activities but I am close to writing a UGM motion to assess their work.

2 courageous comments!:

Anonymous said...

i somehow feel someone should comment on your few last posts, because they're worth some empathy and encouraging words, but then... it feels completly stupid to post those encouraging words on your blog thinking of the fact that i do know you in person. i mean, whatever i think should be said to someone,should be said to the person concerned.
but still, i felt someone has to post something. which i do. obviously.

Heidi Jahn said...

thank you! i really appreciate your effort! if only people would join in... but i guess there is nth someone can really say to it, as it is probably soas specific and doesn't encourage further statements.