25 April 2007

Uni Update

I wasted one month on this damn TIA essay. Thanks to Clifford's & Marcus's Writing Culture postmodern experimental writing, 1) I wasted one month I could have used for revision 2) I had to turn in another essay late 3) I know have less than 24 hours to write my last essay for this year - at least I hope so. If any of the essays is marked as failed, I have to submit a new essay within a given time about another topic WHICH WOULD BE NOT GOOD considering that exam start soon and I really should do some revision.

I should write a programme or sth (too bad I left my TI-83+ at home) that calculates the overall grade, so I know what I have to aim for. At the moment though, everything is about limitation of damage, at the moment I really don't care about the results of my essays, as long as it is a pass grade (still, I am quite delighted that I achieved a 64% in Jason's SEA GP essay!).

I wonder what I need to really dedicate all my resources to my studies in my last year. It is money, secured accomodation and time. Probably will have to take up a maintenance loan for next year so I don't have to struggle with dodgy employers such as Serrula (btw, I am now joining the trade union!) or look for work at all. It takes a lot of worries off your head.

Last week I somehow managed to juggle ISO responsibilities, friends, essays and other stuff.
More another time. I really have to get writing on this last one here.

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