13 May 2007

Exam Climate

Since I haven't updated in a long time: As most of you probably know, right now we have term 3 = exam period. I already have 50 % behind me (SEA GP & TIA) and have the last two ones coming up. The library is packed with more or less studious students, the library has sent out e-mails that it is NOT allowed to sleep in the library (as some have tried with sleeping bags and camping backpack). The fact that it is packed makes it currently a very bad place to study unless - like me - you know the secret places.

Exams work as anonymously as possible. You are given a candidate number by the Registry which you collect together with your exam timetable from the Faculty Office. It pretty much resembles IELTS in terms of regulation. Everyone has to leave their personal belongings including jackets at the front of the class, switch off their mobile phones. There is an invigilator who you have not met before. Everyone has their own table. You can only take what you need to the table where question sheet and answer booklet lie ready for you. You cannot leave the classroom at any time you want and if you go to the toilet, only one person at a time and there is someone waiting outside the toilet for you (pretty much like Matura). You are reminded that plagiarism is an examination offence (that is NO learning by heart of whole essays or arguments in advance and presenting them as yours even if it was from your own essay). The invigilator checks your student ID card, exam timetable and candidate number (to ensure that it is really the person supposed to be writing the exam). If for religious reasons, ie Jewish passover, your religious authorities do not permit you to take exams and you can bring evidence for that, you can apply for that IN ADVANCE (I think the beginning of the year) which I find really interesting. Hopefully, my Ethnic Minorities and the Law class next year will give me some answers on that.

After months of spring and even summer feeling, the bad stereotypical British weather is back, only fitting for exam period. It has been raining (really RAINING) cats and dogs the last two weeks and is going to at least the whole of next week. It hasn't been raining like that ever since term 2 which is why I, one more time, had to find out what happens if you step outside with anything else but boots (that includes the toasting-your-socks-on-the-heater part).

For those of you who haven't heard yet, my flat in Vienna is being sold right now and with some luck, I might be able to finance my final year at university with the money that is left after repayment of the mortgage and the housing benefit (Wohnbauförderung). A young couple living around the corner has been looking for a flat in that complex for ages and my flat happens to be the only one of it on the market! Isn't that great? They even want to keep the kitchen!

I will now return to my readings of debt crisis, structural adjustment, debt relief and neoliberal policies *choke* and spice it up in between with some Ethno SEA stuff (Bali, Siva's penis and its significance for the pre-colonial polity).

I apologise to anyone I haven't had time to stay in contact with these weeks! Rest assured that I do am thinking of you!

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