08 June 2007

Follow me... to Cambridge!

Mainly pictures this time, folks. Sorry but there is not much to say except that:

1) The National Express coach from Victoria Station to Cambridge takes a very good tour through London. We passed Chelsea Bridge, Thames House (MI 5), Horse Guards Road (from where the Royal Guards ride to Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard), Ministry of Defence, Parliament Square, St. Paul, Tate Modern and the City including the Gherkin.

2) Cambridge is a lovely and stunningly beautiful city! Oxford in comparison seems more artificial and superficial but maybe that is just me.

3) Kat went to the Museum of Geology and I went to the Museum of Anthropology & Archaeology.

Kat spotted some ducks while we went through a park and decided to feed them with Tesco's Blueberry Muffins with the effect that we were suddenly surrounded by twelve ducks or so. Please ignore the label on my slip! Shortly after that picture - I was not paying attention because I was observing the two ducks on the left - the one duck that is raising its head snatched away the muffin paper together with the remains of the muffins and ran away with it, the ten other ducks following its tail as if it was about survival. Crazy!

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