28 June 2007

Settling In

I realised recently that you guys still don't know what my flat looks like. Here you see a part of my room (note the spot of green outside the window and the lovely fireplace!) and our gorgeous shared bathroom (with the French tap!). Unfortunately, I do not have a fisheye option on my camera, everything would look so much bigger!
Anyway, I have made myself more comfortable already, I have rearranged my postcards and friend's pictures too on a smaller cork board and my Southeast Asia map will soon find a new wall. Also, I feel safer when dealing with the gas stove and oven. At first, I was shocked that I would have to live without a microwave but somehow I am glad because I will be forced to learn how to cook (I did Chili Sin Carne some days ago and was surprised at how good it was) and it should be healthier, too.
A weird guy called on our landline lately, saying he was from the Home Advisory Service and that he had spoken to Deborah a few days earlier (which is true). However, he kept asking strange questions and wouldn't give me neither his name nor his phone number. The Home Advisory Service compares gas/electricity and water providers and finds you the best quote, I checked it up on the internet. In the UK, you have to be really careful with your postcode, name, date of birth as identity theft is quite common here. What I was more afraid of, was that some kind of burglary was coming up because the guy asked me if we studied engineering. He'd be surprised to find that there is nothing really valuable in our flat.
Brings me to next subject:
Since I am still waiting for a reply for jobs and especially Baker and Spice (after my job interview), I went out for a brief shopping spree on Kensington High Street which also has loads of stylish shops but isn't as crowded or polluted as Oxford Street. Anyway, the term shopping spree might be contested, as with spending not more than 15 GBP I feel back in the Austrian/German 1950s or in movies about poor Irish families where - as I already said to Kat - everyone already got excited over a bar of chocolate.
My precious toys were a natural light bulb for my desk lamp (GOD! What a LIGHT! I have been illuminated, at last!) which really helps with make up, a night cream for my face, a proper eyeshadow brush, a box for my DVDs and a PC game (Myst: Masterpiece Edition. Why it only cost 0.97 £ is really mysterious but I will find out soon). To round up, I had a glimpse of Kensington Gardens (the Western and quieter half of Hyde Park) and the Palace therein.
A modest but nice day out for one person to get to know the local area.
As of now, I am through most of the DVD collection including one season O.C. and Prison Break each and now start on the books. Actually, I borrowed some from the SOAS library and am now reading on UK Asylum and Immigration Law to prepare for my next year's floater. Come to think of it, SOAS also has some novels from native writers. Southeast Asian literature, that could be interesting... Alternatives: Buying books myself or reading in French (also from my flatmates), both not really an option.
Will now send out some more CVs...
P.S. I was shocked for a few minutes when I misspelled my own blog address and believed my blog - my diary! - had been attacked by some evil hackers. See for yourself!

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Anonymous said...

na sowas!!!!! jetzt hab ich dir grad ein voll langes comment gewritten and now it's all gone!!!
so i wanted to tell you that i didn't manage to read all your news, but (!!) i saw all the pictures :) very nice!!!
so my dear heidi all the best for your new home! it looks nice the green tree in front of your window!
mi amora, i wanted to call you - el otro dia- and then i spilled some water over your number and now i can't read it anymore. so maybe you can send it to me again and then you get a call from a anonymous verehrerin!! die dich net vergisst sondern vermisst chiqui! but i won
t tell you who it is, hehe!oh heidi, i send you many kisses and hugs and all the best and some sun shines because it was a wonderful day today!
love**** martina

Anonymous said...

juchu!!!!!! it has worked!!!
very good!

natascha said...

looks so loveley, dear! looks like a real improvement, for once!
love ya