07 June 2007

The Sightseeing Saga continues

On Wednesday,

I helped Stacia to the station with her two huge suitcases to wish her farewell. I felt a bit melancholic now that the first of my two closest friends in the UK is leaving, not to be seen for God knows how long. I am sure she is looking forward to her new computer and coming home again. This is like the Oceanians and distances between islands: For them, the sea is not a barrier but a road. In this case, the internet is the road and the two continents the islands. Therefore, it shouldn't be that a big deal hopefully! However, I still needed a caramel moccha before I could go back to Dinwiddy.

Later that day, Kat and I went to Camden Market for a quick overview and after a delicious dish at one of the greasy spoons there, Kat decided to make this Saturday a Camden Day (I will be somewhere else at a workshop). Quick overview because I had to dash off to Earl's Court to sign the contract for my new flat at the real estate agent's, together with my new flatmates. In the meantime, Kat explored the wonders of Tate Modern. I told her that when Natascha went there, she said that the colours had been very inspiring. Interestingly, Kat confirmed that view. With these two strong recommendations, maybe I should really have a look myself!

In the evening, I talked to my mum who seems to be concerned about me but instead made me concerned about her:

Mum: Heidi, do you always look out for cars when you cross roads in London?
Heidi: Yes...?
Mum: Make sure you always look on the correct side. The cars over there drive on the other side.
Heidi: Uh... I know?
Mum: You always have to look at the right side first.
Heidi: OK... That is what I do anyway?
Mum: Because you know that cars over here in Austria come from the other side.
Heidi: So you never look first before you cross the street?
Mum: Where does the traffic come from in Austria again? Hang on. From the right or from the left? I don't know, actually...

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