06 June 2007

Wherever your feet take you

On Tuesday,

Kat and I left for a looong walk through the city on our precious two pairs of feet: First stop: Covent Garden. I have never really looked at the restaurants there (because I believed that they probably would be quite expensive considering the amount of tourist stomachs to be fed daily) but thanks to Kat, I now know what delicious things there are to be tasted! In return, I showed Kat my favourite café just around the corner in King Street: It's called Muffinski and I believe I have already mentioned that its inside reminds me of Mölkerhof in another blog post? Anyway, they have absolutely gorgeous muffins (butterscotch & banana, white chocolate & strawberry and banana & raspberry with real fruit in the centre)!

From there we "promenaded us" through the streets of independent shops of Seven Dials & Soho (we discovered the little streets of the red light district). Flashback here of Amsterdam... We wound our way to Oxford Street where we dropped by at Selfridges (sth like Harrods: Gucci, Prada, you name it, it's there) and into fashion shops just looking around and thinking of our beloved mums every now and then:

Heidi (looking at a brightly coloured pseudo-adult string tanga): My mum would say, you get thrush from that.
Kat (looking at the object herself): So would mine.

Finally, we let our swollen feet cool off in the cool grass of Hyde Park where we relaxed in the shadow of a tree, the leaves above us rustling with the breeze (a sound you don't hear very often in London). Wow, the last time I walked this far must have been Boxing Day...

We reunited with Stacia in the evening who relaxed at home before her big day, her departure to the US. Stacia showed Kat the speech accent archive, a website where people record and upload themselves speaking a given text together with information about their age, language background etc. Basically, it is for linguists who go crazy about phonetic pecularities...

Stacia: Nothing interesting there, just some boring German speakers with devoicing of final obstruants.
Kat: Ooooh! That is a strong palatalisation! That sounds like a really interesting Slavic accent!
Heidi: ?

In case anyone wants to donate a speech sample for Stacia's private collection... get in touch! Kat and I have already contributed!

Below, you see a shot of my room, that currently functions as an internet café, a storage facility and youth hostel. Stacia's main PC died two weeks ago and its substitute, her PC-to-go, only has WiFi which at Dinwiddy is of course outside any range of public networks. Also, Stacia and Kat have a lot of junk that exceeds their luggage allowance or that they don't need anymore. Yay! I inherit so many useful things for my new flat, thanks again you two! Finally, a mattress is lying around somewhere for Kat's convenience.

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