14 July 2007

Follow me... to a galaxy far, far away!

My mother asked me a while ago, why I like it so much better in London. I told her, "Because it is so much more on the pulse of happenings". What better prove of this than the Star Wars Celebration Europe, an event for the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars Saga - in London!

Entrance to the event cost 23 £ for one day and 55 £ for all three days. I have never been to a convention before (except for a tiny expensive Manga one in Vienna I was dragged to) but I loved it!!!

It took place in an exhibition centre in the Docklands, therefore loads of space for the most amazing fan stores with the most amazing collectibles! Everywhere people dressed in costumes, stormtroopers swarming the crowd (they really DO look intimidating up close), Lego scapes of Star Wars sets and characters, a fan stage where fan clubs host events, a main stage where actors are invited to events, life-size props from the set, a workshop where you can act in the first scene of Episode IV on instruction of a director and it will be cut with music to watch right afterwards, an autograph hall where you can have the actors of Lando, C-3PO and Luke Skywalker among many others sign for money (Mark Hamill cost 85£ but his queue was ENDLESS!!!)...

I wanted to have C-3PO's actor sign but I only made up my mind when it was already too late!!! I asked the ticket office how long they'd be there and the guy said, until 6pm probably. Since I had about 40 minutes, I rushed to withdraw some cash to buy sth cheap to sign on. I went for a picture. By the time I got back to the ticket box, the actor was gone (but I still had 25 minutes to go)!!! Turns out, he and Mark Hamill and probably some others were at the main theatre in a show but the security people wouldn't let anyone else in because the show had already started a while ago. Double Hmpf! And I didn't know about the whole schedule of events because I did not want to spend 6 £ on a programme!

And even more annoying is the fact that I saw Ewan McGregor face-to-face on two occasions but was not sure whether or not he was the real thing or his twin so I did not go for a picture!!! He was in full costume and groomed like in the movies, being part of the crowd with his own camera and all. But actors look different in real life than on screen! So I only figured it was him when it was already too late!!! I could kill myself for being such a nixchecker all the time!!!

Anyway, today's events ended with a free open-air screening of Episode IV, opened by Ian McDiarmid himself! Interesting and funny speech! I got some of it with my camera! I wish I could have enjoyed this with Kat, seeing that we're both great fans and I am sure she would have loved it!

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kat said...

Awwww, I am SO insanely jealous!!! Mark Hamill! Billy Dee Williams! *cries* I wanna go to a SW-convention...