03 July 2007

Follow me... to Harrods!

Today, first day of "famous July Sale" at Harrods. They hired Sarah Michelle Gellar to open this year's sale but since it was her, and neither Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman nor Colin Firth & co. AND at 9am, I slept right through the opening and came later that day.
Harrods is really as impressive as everyone says! Only the crème de la crème of luxury brands. I thought 80£ was expensive for a flip flop (Kensington High Street) but 200 f* £ is absolutely OTT, just for a slab of leather, a string between your toes with a few designer stones on them, by someone named Giuseppe Zanotti or so. In Vienna, Zanotti is an ice-cream parlour in the city. Also OTT is the Egyptian escalator that Al Fayed had built when he took over the business. It cost 20m £!
In the Lower Ground Floor right at the foot of the escalator, there is a Diana & Dodi memorial. It is a picture of both of them with candles around it. In the middle is the glass they last drank from before they left the Ritz that night, in the condition it was found and together with the ring that was supposed to be her engagement ring from Dodi, crafted it into a glass pyramid.
I read later in the map the cortous employees gave away to the customers that there is also a bronze statue of both of them setting free an albatros, with a book of condolence on the Ground Floor. But the building is sooo big, that I unfortunately didn't see that. But I might return anyway, to look around some more. Besides, Harrods is really not that far away from me.

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natascha said...

i think the one that sells ice cream in vienna is called zanoni.