31 July 2007

The hell of a week

I had a really great week, as some of you probably already know:

# First, SOAS sent the breakdown of results to Austria (you usually first know if you passed or failed and after a few weeks you get this letter with all the details) which makes me really nervous because of my family (apart from the fact that it is just annoying because HSBC did the same thing before). Also, I had changed my address on an online form in June but they never confirmed it (same thing happened to Stacia, they sent her sth to the States instead of around the corner). When my flatmate Sarah's letter came, I called up the registry and they told me they have my new address in Earl's Court, yeah, yeah. On Friday, I called again (because I had a feeling what might have happened since Deborah already received her's in France) and then the truth came out (they keep two addresses and never deleted the other one). So they sent it, of course not on Friday but on Monday. And the Royal Mail strike made me really nervous yesterday.

# After nearly four weeks and loads of complaints, FINALLY I have a date with the laundry repair man. Problem is, since this is a rented flat, I have to contact a company approved by the landlord which in return sends a contractor (instead of calling the hotline directly) because the landlord is going to pay for any repairs. The laundry man called me today and asked me when he should come. Of course, in the three weeks from where I reported the problem, I started work and of course, the repair service does not come after 5pm. So, to make the 4th week complete, we agreed on Sunday 9am. Very unchristian but what the hell. At least it is done.
I still haven't figured out how to claim my rights as a customer in this country without "offending the staff" (sth you can get in trouble for). Is there a "Complaints for Dummies" for the UK? ("Excuse me, Sir. Pardon my frankness about your services but I am highly displeased by the unvirtuous lack of esprit you displayed perpetually in our correspondence in resolving the matter. I must insist on you reconsidering your judgement about the urgency of my request.")

# I opened my studyview account yesterday and was shocked. Not at the amount of spam but at the the fact that all my e-mails were gone!!! Oh dear! Fortunately, thank the heavens, SOAS IT fixed the problem (which might or might not have been caused by them, they of course never admit such things and when they actually do, they never apologise).

# I opened my studyview account today and was shocked. This time because I received the very first spam message in an account I have managed to keep clean since I had it. It is because the ISO account was redirected to my individual student one. I have to call them to tell them I want it separate!!!

# Due to bad communication between several people including me, Sarah who is in Latin America right now, did not know that Camille was staying in her room! SHOCK. It is very complicated and involves a lot of people you don't know (yet) so I won't elaborate. Oh dear, the least thing I wanted to happen is a conflict. But we talked about it and there is no single person to blame.

# I went to the doctor's because of pain in the back which I was afraid was kidney pain. We ran some tests (I was actually touched by a doctor, yeah!) but unfortunately, the result was unsatisfying and since it was weekend, I have to come back this week. I have been diagnosed with back pain but we just want to rule out any other possibilities. Oh and Stacia if you read this, I actually told the receptionist expressedly that I DID NOT want to be seen by Dr. Lifestyle. And the first thing he says, with phone in hand, *lol* "Have I just spoken to you before?". I said "No but she's got quite a reputation..." Finally, I stood up for myself. Never had to do that at a doctor's before. "Which doctor do you want to see?" - "I take anyone else, I don't care."

# My current Austrian bank account was frozen thanks to my credit card company who messed up. And also thanks to their fault, I was charged a penalty fee (is that what you call it in the UK?) by my bank on top of that which I do not want to pay. I had taken appropriate steps in time to prevent this from happening and was assured by the lady on the landline that my request was implemented immediately, literally. One week's past and still no change. Of course, no-one gets back to my e-mail (I want this black on white this time).

# So, regarding the registry, I finally got the letter and it turns out that I passed all the exams I did!!! That is the good news. The bad news is that they marked the only exam I did not take (because I was sick) as "failed" (instead of "no result") which is bullshit. I am really mad!!! Number 1, it is not core unit so from official school regulations, I may retake the exam. Number 2, I gave them a doctor's notice on the very same day (I made a copy for me, just in case). Number 3, I asked the woman about the consequences and she said it is no problem, I just retake the exam. Now, the letter I received contains two important sheets: 1) the breakdown of results (basically, the figures) where it says failed but also that I am eligible to retake the exam and 2) my list of options regarding course progression. In my case: a) Leave of absence and repeat assessments in 2007/2008 b) Repeat year of study (full-time and repeat assessments in 2007/08 c) Repeat study and assessments in 2007/2008 (part-time) d) Transfer to another degree at this school e) Withdrawal!!! Also, if the exam counts as "failed", then this means that when I DO retake it, the maximum mark to be awarded is capped at 50%!!! Of course, I wrote them an e-mail a few hours later today and to my disappointment, no-one got back to me!!! And of course, if I "fail to act" by 6 August, I will be expelled from SOAS!!! I am tearing down their door tomorrow, first thing in the morning!

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natascha said...

kick their asses. you must.
seems you do a good job at asseting your rights and needs at the moment.