21 August 2007

Long Time No Blog

Going to post in detail another time because the WiFi at home is now secured, so I only have internet at work or in the cafe! Probably, I have been downloading too much, that's why...

# Went to Brick Lane for the first time
# Stayed over at Lila's & Clare's so often that I should actually pay rent already. After I came home on Friday it was as if I had been on holiday. The whole cupboard of mugs was in my room with mold on the teabags and a huge heap of dirty clothes was taking up space, too. So I did some serious dishwashing and laundry
# Was on an awesome picnic in Hampstead Heath (pictures are online!)
# Appeared on a dinner which took place the next day (so typical me, isn't it?)
# Going to Brighton on Thursday on a Volunteer's day out at work
# And on Friday I depart for an exhausting hiking weekend in Wales

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