06 August 2007

Of Strippers, Wax, Salsa & Die Berge


# I settled the affairs with the registry.

# I settled the affairs with VISA. However, not to my liking and the complaint is still due.

# I start work at SOAS tomorrow and am already excited about that. I am looking forward to working on the financial leaflet!

# Above all, I had the most awesome weekend with Lila & co! It was Clare's & Lila's housewarming party and basically a BBQ on a balcony-style rooftop (in the UK, you will find that quite often)! There are some great pictures & videos of us coming up on facebook as soon as the girls have internet again!

We had a bunch of French-speaking people among them the infamous Cyril who after downing a bottle (!) of Vodka (!!) more or less on his own (!!!) started picking a peculiar interest in the sexy cat from across the street. He shouted sth really incriminating in French which more or less translates as very dirty speech... Then he started learning Polish from the native neighbours (after 5 minutes of acquaintance for 30 minutes) who were having a party on their "balcony", too. We did not hear what kind of conversation he and the girl had but at some point he gave her his (expensive-looking) watch. He really is a lady's man! In the end, Lila, his French friend David & I waxed his leg (always been a secret fantasy of mine, to do that to a guy!). *lol* He was so mad at us! After ten minutes though, he did not know anymore who did it to him (he called the very next morning to threathen, " 'oo didd this to me? 'oo-everrr shafed my leggs, I am goeeng to cut off your 'airrr, too!!!" - he says shave because he cannot pronounce the word wax)!

Among other guests was Sam, a Chinese-looking paramedic who stopped by during his break while driving rounds in the vicinity. When I saw him coming onto the roof, heard someone saying, "Take off your jacket, you can start now" and saw him getting out of his uniform, I believed someone had ordered a stripper! As YES, this is so typically me, I probably won't have to point out that I am not kidding!

Anyway, I met some really interesting people and had great fun!

After spending the night at Clare's & Lila's place, I accompanied them to a homeless shelter to give out self-made sandwiches, something they do every seven weeks (groups take turns). I received a really interesting history lesson by a guy who turned out to be a former Genevan banker until his divorce.

The round-off was the Latin American Carneval, Carnaval Del Pueblo (Europe's largest celebration of Latin American culture) in Burgess Park, SE London. The park is really huge, maybe the Vietnamese festival that I did not see DID in fact take place when I came here... Anyway, it was HUUUGE and loads of good food! We met up with Francois, someone who was at the party the night before, too and who spent a few years in Dublin as software engineer (the recruitment story was awesome, the company that asked him to come over for the face-to-face interview paid everything for him for a week while he was in town!). He has a quite quaint accent, half French and half Irish, with the occasional exclamation "Jasuss!"in between!

We were accompanied by Désirée who is French as well and who went to Tirol lately! How crazy is that?! And on top of that, both she and Francois began to sing the Heidi song!!! It turns out, they know the Heidi comic TV series! Crazy, crazy!

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kat said...

Yay for socializing! Go Heidi :). That's the way to do it. Glad to hear you are having fun! How's the new job?