27 November 2008

Welcome back to London!

Woohoo, it's been nearly 14 months that I abandoned this blog but I am back!

With a brainstorm list of ca. 40 topics which I would like to feature, there is more than enough material until March!

Alternating between posts that touch on past events and the latest stuff going on in my "life at the pulse" (or "life at the limit", depending!), you are going to depart from my boring "just arrived in London"-posts to a more insider's view of London and living-in-the-UK-issues in general.

Also featured: Civil liberties (or the lack thereof), the London Underground (supporting actor in a motion picture), multicultural spaces (live and let live), the Credit Crunch (its effects on everyday people's lives including mine), ridiculous health&safety measures (one of the nation's most favourite obsessions), consumerism (including "how Tesco drives people nuts"), the press, shocking human rights violations, US elections in London, the preparation for the 2012 Olympics, the London Mayoral elections (end of an era), flathunting (nation's no.1 sport), survival skills for Londoners (how to keep sane in this town and how to live on a budget) - and pictures capturing the general random jumble associated (if you don't know yet what the hell I mean by that you will learn very quickly)!

So stay tuned! And to remind you what awesome stuff happens around here, I have added this video I found from a flashmob on Trafalgar Square: