16 April 2009

Impressions to Illustrate Day 1

From bottom to top - can't be bothered changing the reverse upload order Blogger used: 1) On the sleeper train from KL to SG - I wonder where THAT came from but it must be there for a reason, haha! 2) The setting for the Chinese wedding ceremony with the fate book and mat from the Peranakan Museum 3) CBD (or Central Business District for those of you who slept through their Geography classes!) behind the Parliament building 4) Walking statue in front of the Singapore Arts House with little figures
salto-ing along the stairs 5) Tambang (the bullhorn-shaped thing peasants carry women around on for fertility rituals) from the Asian Civilisations Museum

2 courageous comments!:

Kat said...

love the third picture with the palm trees and the high-rise buildings, very nice contrast! did everything go well? *hugs* take care!

Heidi said...

Yeah it did, am flying in 25 hours ;)

There's another good one with high rise buildings and a totem which I didn't upload.

Am sending you some CVs soon!