02 April 2009

Obama in the City!

Only a day back in town and already one instantly notices that there is something going on: Policemen everywhere, covers of newspapers plastering London with Obama's face. Other heads of state who take part in the G20 summit (apart from PM Gordon Brown perhaps) receive less photo coverage, citation and general attention. The Queen, smart as she is, managed to make it to the cover page by historically breaking royal protocol and actually touching Michelle Obama with whom she reportedly hit it off. The news of this was so big that the Times actually put a picture of it of such bad quality on its front page today that one wonders if it had been shot in passing with a first generation camera phone. That's what I call rubbing elbows!

With all these additional business-looking people in town, the reports about anti-globalisation and anti-capitalism and climate change protesters and of course the signifance of the event in mind, I headed for the City this afternoon for some crowdspotting only to find that the I had just about missed the G20 summit buzz. Some good capture of the street-level action on this video:

An acquaintance of mine has already posted on Facebook that she has actually shaken the hands with the US President and the First Lady and that he had looked her in the eye and said how much he appreciated her work! Not quite sure which organisation she's with but I think she might have been somehow involved in the negotiations for the monk's protest in Burma.
Not sure if I should feel excited or wary about this news. I'm not much into personal cults and currently a bit demoralised by the lack of momentum in my own career. Hopefully, I have some relieving news on that in a short while! Insiders already know about my ideas for Kuala Lumpur!

Currently though, my state probably reflects that of investment bankers: I hope things go according to plan, take a huge risk and then some externality throws me into the red numbers.

In the meantime, I will practice my policy skills with my geo-political simulator PC game that I'm totally hooked on at the moment! You pick any country (unfortunately for some, Liechtenstein is not among them...) in the world, take over as head of state and then hope to stay in business!

2 courageous comments!:

Anonymous said...

I am a little bit confused. How long did u stay in KL? When did u go? And r u in London right now? Will u go back to KL? Will u stay there for good? Please, explain!


Heidi said...


not surprised you got confused! been working up my backlog on blogging after i returned from my trip in january. i usually had an opening line before these blog entries to let anyone else who did NOT know yet about that. first time i leave it and already someone is complaining!

so actually wrote that singapore part from london where i still am.

what's the G20 buzz on the other side of the atlantic? bumping into any social scientists on your end of the campus?

:D don't think i could stay anywhere for good! you will find out in due time!

by the way, you don't have to blog anonymously, you can also click on "Name/URL", enter your name and click "Publish". that way, your name gets displayed on top of your comment.

X hai